Privacy Policy

Our apps

Our applications do not collect any user information (personal or not).

All files and data you process using our applications are stored exclusively on your device(s) or in the cloud services you choose to use with your device(s) and no files or data are ever sent to our servers or to any third-party servers on our behalf.

Sales information

If you have acquired any of our software from the Apple App Store or the Apple Mac App Store, you can find information regarding Apple Customer Privacy Policy at We do not collect, process or store any customer information, since all sales and refunds are handled wholly by Apple.


If you are using any of our games with Game Center support and are logged in to your Game Center account on your device(s), information about game progress and high scores may be transferred between your device(s) and Apple’s servers. All personal information obtained from Game Center (your nickname and Game Center ID) is used exclusively for displaying and score-keeping and is never sent to our servers or to any third-party servers other than Apple’s.

If you have an iCloud account configured on your device(s), it may be used to keep progress synchronized between your different devices, but we’ll have no access to any other information stored there nor to any personal information or identifiers related to it.

Game Center and iCloud are subject to the Apple Privacy Policy available at, the Game Center Terms and conditions available at and the iCloud Terms of Service available at

List of our games using Apple Game Center and Apple iCloud for synchronization:


Some Mac applications may access our website when using the Help Viewer, in order to show you up-to-date help information. These accesses will be recorded in the same manner as any other accesses to our website, as detailed further below, and will exclusively use secure encrypted connections (HTTPS).

List of our applications using our website for up-to-date Help:

This website

This website does not use any cookies.

You can access this site using a secure encrypted connection (HTTPS). However, in order to keep this site accessible to all users, non-secure (HTTP) connections are also accepted.

In accordance with standard security practices, the following information will be recorded when accessing this website: the date and time of your access, your IP address, what browser and operating system you where using and, when applicable, the referring web page (i.e., the address of the page containing the link you used to access the site). These records are normally stored for a period of up to 5 weeks unless otherwise required to investigate any issues.


If you contact us via e-mail, we will keep your e-mail and any information contained in it in order to allow us to communicate with you until any issues you reported are solved and, in some cases, for some time after that (usually no longer than two months) to allow for any follow-ups. Afterwards, your e-mail will either be deleted or stored in an anonymized format (i.e., removing with any information that might identify you or any persons mentioned in it) if it is considered relevant to solve any future issues.

In accordance with standard security practices, our servers will record the following information about your message: the date and time it was received, your e-mail address plus the name and IP address of the server delivering the email. These records are normally stored for a period of up to 5 weeks unless otherwise required to investigate any issues.

Our e-mail server accepts secured encrypted connections from most servers requiring them and will try to use secure encrypted connections when connecting to outside servers. However, to allow communication with users using non-secured servers, non-secure connections will be accepted and used as fallback.

Our servers

Our servers are located in the European Union and are hosted by third-parties who use industry-standard best practices to prevent any unauthorized access to the servers’ contents. All our connections to these servers make use of secure encrypted channels.

Legal stuff

We take privacy very seriously and do not collect any of your data except when absolutely necessary for our applications and services to work properly and give you the best possible experience.

Being a private business established in Portugal, we are subject to Portuguese law, as well as European Union law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and international law, when applicable.

We believe our usage of your data as described in this Privacy Policy is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us, as permitted by Article 6, paragraph 1, point (f) of the GDPR, namely those specified in Recital 49 with regards to processing of personal data to the extent strictly necessary and proportionate for the purposes of ensuring network and information security.

For the purposes of the GDPR, the controller of data processing is Matusalem Marques, who may be reached via the e-mail address <>, should you have any concerns or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or our handling of your data.

The GDPR grants you the following rights:

Your personal data will not be used for automated decision-making, including profiling.

In Portugal, Law 58/2018, of August 18th, nominated Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados as the national supervisory authority. They can be reached through